Our primary goal is to provide behavioral health services to the Appalachian Region.

 Referring will be in the Appalachian counties, but rendering providers can be based throughout Virginia.

 The targeted referring side is primary care offices, such as internal, family, pediatric, and OB/GYN physicians.

 Rendering providers can include clinical social workers, licensed counselors, psychologists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, and psychiatrists.

 There will be training involved, including online modules, such as the Appalachian Cultural Competency module, to familiarize providers with cultural aspects of their patients.

 The platform is web-based and requires minimal technology or equipment. A desktop with audio/visual capabilities.

 The directory will be able to filter rendering providers to fit the needs of the patients (i.e., specialty services, insurance accepted, etc.

 Strive to build up the patient base and rendering provider base at the same rate.

 As a supplemental behavioral resource, we hope to partner with school-based behavioral health services.

 A pilot site for a referral base is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) that is requesting more child and adult mental health professionals.

 Supervision is in the works for recent graduates to provide a service to a client and receive supervision hours; the supervisor will also have incentives to provide this service.


The following map highlights the counties that make up the referral base. Providers can be located anywhere in Virginia, as long as they hold a valid license or are eligible for one.


Please send all inquiries to:

Madison Ferrell


Derek Hubbard


16620 E. Riverside Dr.

Saint Paul, VA 24283


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